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C-Level Expats Networking Event

Warsaw, 28 February 2019

Polish Confederation Lewiatan
3 Zbyszka Cybulskiego Street

The Polish Confederation Lewiatan invites to the C-Level Expats Networking Event - the first English-language networking event for foreigners.


During English-speaking networking evenings, we will discuss economic and social issues relevant to running a business in Poland. As organisers, we provide an inspiring substantive programme. Meeting participants will also enjoy the opportunity for the free exchange of experiences and views, while being encouraged to initiate discussions on topics they would like to discuss at subsequent meetings.


Conditions for participation:


• Membership on a company board

• Foreign citizenship, with a mother tongue other than Polish

• Free participation for members and non-members of the Polish Confederation Lewiatan


The Polish Confederation Lewiatan is a business institution that has been associated with over four thousand employers, both Polish and those with foreign capital for more than twenty years. Our aim is to achieve competitive conditions for doing business in Poland. We address issues related to sustainable economic growth, better law, healthy competition, increasing employment and strengthening social capital. We are the voice of business. Our headquarters is a place where opinions are shaped and ideas are exchanged. It is also a space where interesting and inspiring events take place. In order to meet the expectations of Lewiatan's member companies and organisations in which foreign nationals are members of the Management Board, we want to create a new platform for dialogue in Warsaw for our foreign guests.

Event details:

Start: 28 February 2019 at 18:00

End: 28 February 2019 at 21:00

Polish Confederation Lewiatan
3 Zbyszka Cybulskiego Street, Warsaw

Event place: